Why Auction?

why auction

Auction SHARE Are you interested in finding out what items tend to sell well at auctions? Whether you’re a seasoned auction-goer or just starting out, it’s always helpful to have an idea of what items are likely to attract top bids. From art and antiques to collectibles and jewelry, there are certain categories that consistently […]

The Most Expensive Items Ever Sold At Auction

expensive items ever sold at auction

Collectibles SHARE The world of auctions is a fascinating one, where some of the rarest and most sought-after items are sold to the highest bidder. Over the years, some of the most expensive items have sold for millions of dollars, including works of art, jewelry, and even automobiles. Here, we’ll take a look at some […]

What items sell well at auction?

Diamond watch

Auctions SHARE When it comes to auction sales, there is no general consensus on what type of item sells the best. The reality is it depends on the audience attending the auction and the type of auction being held. Nevertheless, in this blog, we will discuss the top items that often sell well at auction […]

Do you have a vintage iphone?

Apple iphone auction results

Did you happen to save your first Apple iphone? If so, it could be worth enough for a down payment on a house. The first-generation Apple iPhone just sold at at auction for $190,000 A 2007 Apple iPhone has been sold at auction for $190,372.80 – 300 times its original sale price. The 4GB model , originally […]