Estate Sales

Kings Auctions Inc. has been providing estate sale services to executors, homeowners, and beneficiaries throughout the USA for over 35 years. Services often include providing a general estimate, appraisals of key items, then sale, consignment, or both. 

Kings Auctions Inc. understands the demands that come with estate sales including security. Kings Auctions Inc. provides security for each day of the sale, follows specific practices for jewelry and other high value items, and always works to protect the clients stake. The staff at Kings Auctions Inc. also understands that each estate sale is unique and that flexibility is essential for successful sales. 

Upon request, the staff at Kings Auctions Inc. will provide a complimentary walk through to provide an idea of what the client might expect in terms of return. Special items may be set aside for world wide marketing, consignment, or auction, for greater exposure [and greater return].  Once contracted, a proposal outlining the terms of the estate sale will be presented for the review and approval of the client or clients representative. As seen on TV, Kings Auctions Inc. has earned the trust of celebrities, high value homeowners, probate attorney’s, and alike. 

Interested parties should contact their local Kings Auctions Inc. location for a complimentary consultation and for additional information. A list of  locations can be found here.