Kings Auctions Inc. facilitates the sale of antique, vintage, and new vehicles for individuals, private industry, and corporations. The firm provides efficient solutions for even the most demanding service requirements of sellers.   

Kings Auctions Inc. is especially proficient with classic cars. Vehicles commonly curate are Rolls Royce, Tesla, classic Mustangs, classic Corvettes, classic Jaguars, classic VW, classic Thunderbird, Mercedes, and fast Italian sports cars.

In addition to the sale, Kings Auctions Inc. knows the lay of the land when arranging for the shipping of vehicles. The firm regularly ships vehicles to England, Australia, and across country. Of course, Kings Auctions Inc. takes care of all the paperwork and funding on behalf of their clients.

Kings Auctions Inc. understands that these vehicles are often for investment, but they can also hold sentimental value. For every situation, we provide white glove treatment. No one has access to clients vehicles unless they are a vetted colleague.

vintage classic cars
classic cars

Vintage cars, also known as ‘Classic Cars’ are vehicles 50 years or older.  Antique vehicles are 100 years of age or more. Despite the age and condition, Kings Auctions Inc. can assist in the sale of any vehicle.

Even if your classic car is not in mint condition that is not a problem. Kings Auctions Inc. auctions all types of cars in all types of conditions. 

If your classic car is ‘all stock’ meaning it has all its original features such as radio, rims, chrome, etc., that will bring an even higher return.  Kings Auctions Inc. recently facilitated the sale of a 1966 Ford Mustang that even had the original plaid plastic lining in the trunk.  It came from the original owner and the original window sticker showing price of $2400.00 was even included in the sale.     

Complimentary Auction Estimates​

Current and potential clients may request an electronic evaluation of their vehicles however contacting any of Kings Auctions Inc’s locations will yield immediate service.

Specialists are eager to advise about the process and potential values. 

To receive an estimate electronically, please provide:

  • 2-3 photos
  • Description
  • Condition 
valuable classic cars