Musical Instruments

Kings Auctions Inc. manages all types of musical instruments via auction and private or public sale.  The types of instruments is broad; from stunning 19th century grand piano’s, to Gasparo violins, guitars and other string instruments, tribal drums, accordions, and even bells and other melodic accessories. All age ranges from 19th century to modern.

Kings Auctions Inc. has managed collections that were curated over 30-40 years or a lifetime, instruments handed down from inheritance, investments collections and many single instruments of significance. Regardless, Kings Auctions Inc. can assist in the liquidation of any musical instruments despite the size of the collection or the weight .

musical instruments
musical instruments

All collectible instruments will of course be handed with white glove sensibility just as is done with valuable jewelry, manuscripts, art, artifacts and alike.  This is always the policy of Kings Auctions Inc. Whether the instrument is antique, vintage, new, or famously owned, Kings Auctions Inc. will work to achieve the highest return possible for their clients.

Potential clients may contact any of Kings Auctions Inc’s locations for a complimentary consultation. 

Complimentary Auction Estimates​

Current and potential clients may request an electronic evaluation of their Musical Instruments however contacting any of Kings Auctions Inc’s locations will yield immediate service.

Specialists are eager to advise about the process and potential values. 

To receive an estimate electronically, please provide:

  • 2-3 photos
  • Description
  • Condition 
musical instruments