Art Glass

Kings Auctions Inc. auctions new, vintage, and antique Art Glass. Items we regularly curate are ashtrays, cigar ashtrays, bowls, vases, paperweights, chandeliers, lamps, and sculptures. Some of the designers we see most often are Venini, Seguso, Murano, Holmegaard Per Lutken, Flavio Poli, Fratelli Toso, Pino Signoretto, Dino Rossini, Fucina Degli Angeli, Dino Martins, Barovier, Tiffany, Daum, Gallle, and Gino Cenedese.

Pieces are typically curated from individuals, collectors, and estates. It is interesting to know that a great deal of art glass comes from the Rancho Mirage California and Palm Beach Florida areas where mid-century design is most prevalent.    

Some of the special art glass techniques are Bullicante and Sommerso.

The Bullicante effect is the techniques where small air bubbles are trapped in the inside in a controlled fashion. It is done by placing a piece of molten glass inside a metallic mold with spikes that cause the bubbles. After it’s cooled the whole piece is submerged in glass again creating a second layer that completely covers the first one. This technique is highly desirable and very popular today.

Sommerso is another common and highly desirable technique which in Italian translates to “submerged”.

This technique is when several layers of colored glass are used that give the illusion that the colored glass is layered on top of each other without the colors mixing. This is done by repeatedly immersing the piece in pots of different colored molten glass waiting for it to cool in between the layers.

What makes these pieces valuable is that there is no margin for error. If a mistake is made the artist must start over. It is easy to see how only true experts create these treasures and how their values are warranted.

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Venini glass sconces