Fine Art

Art by Kerry Hallam


Kerry Hallam is an artist whose work is characterized by its vibrant, colorful, and dynamic expression. His art is the perfect representation of his experience as an international traveler and his innate curiosity for diverse cultures, architecture, and art. Kerry’s work features various locations such as New York City, Paris, Venice, and his home country Ireland. Kerry’s art realizes its beauty and meaning through its interaction with the audience, which is something he is greatly concerned about. It is his commitment to making art that resonates not only with his clients but with art enthusiasts all over the world.

One of the essential values of Kerry’s art is its power to imbue a feeling of joy and hope in its viewers. His art is never dull nor melancholic, but rather depicts a world of happiness and excitement. He uses an extensive range of colors to create a harmonious whole, which is reminiscent of his global experiences. When you look at a Hallam painting of a Parisian street, you get a sense of the vibrancy, charm and beauty of the city’s architecture. Kerry’s art encourages positivity and a zest for life, making his paintings a source of inspiration.

Another important value of Kerry’s art is its timeless appeal. His work embodies a seductive yet classic style, which is timeless. Kerry’s paintings have become staples in countless art collections around the world, and they continue to be popular today. Kerry’s art is always evolving, yet it remains rooted in his sense of aesthetic, which has proven to be appealing to a wide audience. There is always a sense of newness in his work, yet it remains comfortably familiar to collectors and art enthusiasts alike.

Kerry’s art represents a fusion of diverse cultures, modernism, and traditionalism, and showcases many forms of architecture. His unique way of painting buildings, boats, and bridges reflects the connection between art and architecture. Kerry’s skillful use of light, color, and texture gives his creations a three-dimensional quality. His paintings convey a real sense of space, and it is evident that Kerry has a profound understanding of the principles of design. His attention to detail and unique style are what sets him apart from other artists.

Kerry Hallam’s art has a way of evoking memories or experiences of the places in which he paints. Those who have traveled to Venice may be reminded of their time there by looking at one of his paintings. Kerry takes pride in his ability to paint and capture the essence of diverse locations, especially his beloved home country, Ireland. He depicts famous locations such as the Guinness Storehouse and the Bray Seafront. In his work, Kerry not only recreates and showcases these places, but he also tells a story about the places and people.

In summation, Kerry Hallam’s art values joy, positive emotions, and timeless appeal. His ability to fuse diverse cultures, modernism and traditionalism creates an incredibly unique style. Kerry’s paintings have the ability to transport the viewer to a dream-like place, evoking emotions, nostalgia, and a sense of familiarity. Kerry’s paintings are not just art but heirlooms, containing an immense amount of personal and cultural history. The timeless value of Kerry’s art is a testament to his prolific career as one of the most iconic artists of our time.