Cartier watch

The Cartier Panthers

How the famous panther came to be.

You don’t  have to be an animal lover, or a lover of felines to adore the Cartier panthers whether it is a watch, pendant, ring, bracelet,  brooch, cufflinks, handbag, wallet or even a scarf.

It was when Jeanne Toussaint first laid eyes on a live panther when on safari with Louis Cartier that the idea of the panther design was born. As she was director of Cartier Jewelry, the big cats soon evolved into the design of a watch and ultimately created one of the most legendary jewelry lines of all time. The sleek panther even made it’s way into the firms secondary logo and is found in just about all the firms marketing to date.

The first panther patterned watch was created in 1914 with the classic diamond and ebony pave setting and the panther design exploded from there. 

Following the panther watches, Toussaint then drove her design team to honor he big cats in the firms fine jewelry collections and in 1927 Peter Lemarchand joined the team ready to realize her vision which became one of the most recognized jewelry collections and status symbols of all time. 


Cartier Panthers
Cartier panther watch
Cartier panther earrings

New or vintage Cartier.

Kings Auctions Inc. arranges consignment, auction, public and private sale of Cartier panther jewelry, watches, and even handbags, and scarves whether they are newer, used, or vintage. Some of the most exciting auctions have been of the earlier panther pieces but the more modern designs such as the Cartier Cirque Tiger yellow gold Watch (above center,) the diamond panther cuff bangle watch (above top), the Cartier diamond five walking panther bangle (above right) or the Cartier Diamond, Cabochon Sapphire Panther Motif Bracelet (above left) always being collectors, investors, and jewelry lovers to the table.

If you are interested in offering your Cartier items for sale whether it be from the panther collection or from any other of the many Cartier collections, contact Kings Auction Inc. for a complimentary consultation.

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