Sculpture and other fine art

Kings Auctions Inc. manages the sale, auction, and consignments of all types of fine art and sculptures. Whether sculptures be marble, wood, stone, jade, bronze, clay, ivory, whale-bone, or modern materials we have investors and collectors ready to buy. Kings Auctions Inc. has expertise with museum quality art, rare one of a kind art, as well as modern art.  

Some of the high profile art Kings Auctions Inc. has curated includes: Orlinski,  Viet Stoss, Sophia Ryder, Chun Kwang Young, Lynn Chadwick, Gianfranco Meggiato, Herb Alpert, Leon Ferrari, SunKoo Yuh, and Gerald DiGiusto Caryatids. Often dealers and collectors prefer the method of private sale so Kings Auction Inc. is of course accustom to these types of transactions. Confidentially is never a problem and clients preferences are always paramount.  Should a piece of work require personal delivery half way around the globe, we arrange it. White-glove service is provided for all transactions. References available upon request.

If you represent an estate or corporation, just inherited an estate or art collection or one single piece of fine art, or just need appraisals updated, Kings Auctions Inc. can help. 

For matters when time is not an issue, consignment is an excellent option for many sellers. Often times when a seller has a firm price in mind they are happy to wait for Kings Auction Inc. to bring the perfect buyer. In this case the firm will work until the desired price point is achieved. It may take a bit longer to reach the top dollar status, but typically sellers appreciate the trade off of premium price over speed of sale.