King of Pop -Signed Michael Jackson - Art Memorabilia Collection

King of Pop -Signed Michael Jackson - Art Memorabilia Collection

Michael Jackson memorabilia has become a popular collector’s item among fans and investors but now art collectors are taking notice.

Coming in early 2024 is signed art with the proceeds going to Jacksons favorite charities.  

 While Jackson’s music and performances continue to be celebrated worldwide, up until now some of the most valuable pieces of Jackson’s memorabilia include: his iconic white glove, worn during the performance of “Billie Jean,” which sold for $480,000 in 2009, Jackson’s red “Thriller” jacket which sold for $1.8 million at a auctions in 2011, the black fedora worn in the video for “Smooth Criminal,” which sold for $350,000, and the sequined glove worn in the “Victory” tour, which brought in $190,000.  Because  Jackson’s memorabilia has become so sought-after it is difficult to put a value on his personal hand drawn art becaise it is so much more intimate than a jacket or hat. Some however suggest the art valuations are in the six digits depending on the piece.

About Michael Jackson Memorabilia

It is openly known that Jackson devoted his entire life to perfecting every aspect of his art regadless of the medium so there is no surprise his talents included putting hand to canvas.

Key celebrities such as Cher, Raiders owner Mark Davis, and others already own a piece of Jackson’s art but now, finally, his pieces will be available for the public to own. Jacksons  strength as an artist was his wide range and it is reflected in his drawings as well. 

Jackson was a true artist in all aspects and he continues to influence artists in every genre. Jackson’s legacy as one of the greatest artists of all time makes his memorabilia extremely valuable due to its rare and historic nature.