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King of Pop - Signed Michael Jackson - Art Memorabilia Collection

Michael Jackson was a multifaceted artist with exceptional talent not only in music, dance, and acting, but also in the field of fine art. His love for art began at an early age, and he continued to create artwork throughout his life which included mostly drawings and watercolors.

The Collection

Jackson left behind 100’s of drawings and paintings that were never revealed to the public until now. Jackson’s art style is distinctive and unique, reflecting his  life experiences, loves, and memories. His drawings feature portraits of presidents and celebrities,  drawings of himself, as well as Disney characters, abstracts, and more. You can almost hear the message Jackson was wanting to convey in every piece.

Liz Taylor by MJ

Jackson’s history of creating artwork started when he was a child. He used to create short comic strips as well as drawings and sketches. In one of his interviews, Jackson revealed that he enjoyed creating art as it allowed him to express his innermost feelings, which he couldn’t always put into words.

Jackson’s artworks convey themes of freedom, unity, and love, which were paramount to him throughout his career. He believed that art was not just meant to be enjoyed but should also have a powerful meaning and effect on its audience. His works of art often conveyed his desire for a better world, where love and unity triumphed over hate.


Michael Jackson's Collectibles and Personal Drawings For Sale Through Kings Auctions.

One of Jackson’s most significant contributions to the art world was his generosity. Jackson donated his Disney artworks to The Children’s Hospital in LA which they displayed in their hallways.  The only other people who own Jacksons art, until now, are a few key celebrities, family, and friends. 

Michael Jackson’s art collection is the last collectible items in his legacy to be made public and will be offered for sale exclusively by Kings Auctions.  Jackson’s drawings and paintings are suitable for any art collector, investor, or fan and will indeed be a rare collectible for anyone to own. 

Kings Auctions has liquidated many celebrity estates, collections, and special items, so know there will be significant press and  buyers for this rare event. 

If you are interested in attending the reveal of Jackson’s art collection or purchasing any of his drawings, contact us below.