King of Pop -Signed Micheal Jackson-Art Memorabilia Collection

Michael Jackson, the iconic pop star and entertainer, was not only known for his musical talents but also for his skills as a fine artist. His artwork includes sketchings, drawings, and paintings, which he created throughout his life. Jackson’s art is characterized by his unique style and often a direct expression of his emotions and life growing up.


Michael Jackson Memorabilia

Although Jackson never received any formal training in art, his art is considered impressive and has been the topic of small circles of friends, family, and key people in the art industry. His portraits of famous personalities, including Abraham Lincoln, Bill Clinton, and Marilyn Monroe are suitable for any serious art collector. At auction Jackson’s art could fetch six digits. In addition to his personal pieces, Jackson incorporated his art into his music and performances- for example, the artwork for his album “History” was composed of his own paintings.


Jackson’s art displays a range of emotions, from playful and whimsical to dark and intense. He was also known for addressing social issues through his art. For example, one painting titled “The Book” portrays a young African-American boy chained to a book, symbolizing the oppressive power of knowledge.

Although his art was not as widely renowned as his music, it still remains as a testament to Jackson’s diverse talents and creative vision. 

Now that Jackson’s art will be reveled and presented for sale, the art world, fans, and investors will surely be taking notice. Jackson’s art is another part of his historical legacy.

The Guest List

The Kings Auctions Michael Jackson live event auction will be held in Beverly Hills spring of 2024.

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