We get one of three responses to Lucite furnishings – yes, no, or WOW!

Usually it's wow.

New and Vintage lucite items

We love it when our clients contact us with designer brand lucite items.

Whether it’s Lucite furniture or Lucite accessories, Lucite pieces always sell fast and for top dollar. 

Lucite items come in a wide range of values as well.  From $4000.00 Minotti lucite topped end tables to accessories under $100.00. 

Vintage and new Lucite items we find across the USA include bar carts, tables, trunks, chairs, and accessories.   

lucite desk

Charles Hollis Jones

Charles Hollis Jones is the expert when it comes to lucite. He is a designer, furniture maker, and has worked with high profile people like Frank Sinatra and Lucille Ball.  His furniture can be seen in James Bond movies and (back in the day) the playboy club.

Mr. Jones has been recognized by the Smithsonian Institution for his use of lucite and is still active in the industry today.

Once I had a very expensive lucite table that was severely damaged and he was helpful in giving me advice.  He can be reached at;  www.charleshollisjones.com


lucite box
lucite bed
lucite chair
lucite items

Our Los Angeles and New York offices curate a fair amount of vintage and Lucite furniture and accessories. The vintage pieces range in condition from gently used to moderately used but collectors know most Lucite pieces can be restored and most don’t mind if the pieces may show some age, it’s part of the novelty of owning vintage items.

If you love lucite, (also known as Pixelglass or acrylic),  keep an eye on our upcoming auctions page. We recently had a large sale in Los Angeles where we sold off a warehouse full of decorator items, including Lucite items so you never know what we will be managing for our estate sale clients.