King Robbo

Executed in black, gray, white, and aqua blue. A solitary robot figure stands before a block-masonry wall wearing a black hat, suit and tie, with a green apple in his mouth. A text-box is coming from the figure on lower-left with the artist's signature: "KING ROBBO".

This street art masterwork was constructed for promotional exhibition use only, and is accompanied by King Robbo Certificate of Origin.
Provenance: Private collector, Galerie Perlita 2021, Musee d’ Art Moderne 2022

King Robbo

King Robbo was an English underground graffiti artist. His feud with the artist Banksy was the subject of a Channel 4 television documentary called Graffiti Wars, first shown in August 2011. King Robbo started tagging trains in London in the 1980s after the practice became popular in New York, though he became less active in the 90s. A representative from Team Robbo said: “He was known by a lot of underground graffiti writers, old-school writers, the original pioneers.”

He added: “He was infectious. Once you’d met him, you’d know that you would have met him.”

His notorious feud with Banksy began in 2009 when the Bristol-based artist painted over one of his tags next to Regent’s Canal in Camden, which dated from 1985.