Fine jewelry resale

Tips for selling or buying fine jewelry. 

Fine jewelry used to be a sign of royalty once reserved for kings and queens, and/or presented as gifts. Later fine jewels and gemstones were used to denote stature, upper-class status, and elegance, and today, fine jewelry sends the message of luxury and wealth regardless of social status. Whether you are a Beverly Hills socialite or a Compton rapper, ropes of diamonds or statement rings are now commonplace.

Many consider the emeralds to be the grand poobah of gemstones and of course size and quality matter. Even lower quality emeralds today have above average value. A recent trip to the jewelry district in Los Angeles we found 1/4 carat emeralds with medium quality to be in the $1000.00 range. There isn’t a lot you can do with one 1/4 carat gemstone unless you are making a very small ring so it would be typical that many of this size gemstone would be required for a grand look. You may need 12-15 for a ring, 50 or so for an average size bracelet, or at least two for just stud earrings. Long story short, emeralds come with a hefty price tag but it is warranted. Emeralds are becoming more and more rare. If you have a large emerald, you are really in the driver’s seat if you are a seller. You will not have a problem selling any quality or size emerald, the only challenge is getting your gem or jewelry in front of the right audience. Auction or anyone in the fine jewelry resale industry would serve you well.

“Fine gems are a fine way to diversify.”  

Heart shaped diamond rings and engagement rings are also highly desirable at resale. Heart shaped diamonds are, as expected, very popular around Valentines day and the holidays for gifts and solitaire engagement type diamond rings are sought after year ’round. Anyone in the fine jewelry resale industry will not have a problem selling your engagement ring or wedding bands. Selling diamonds on your own is never recommended due to the possibility of crime. Even if you were to meet a potential buyer in your bank or public place, it is still not safe. People are robbed for far less than fine jewelry in today’s environment so always avoid becoming anyones target.

Sapphires are another colored stone that you can almost set and receive your desired price. The rarity of high quality sapphires has increased their value just like emeralds. Recently in Newport Beach a (heated) GIA sapphire about the size of a nickel, surrounded by a row of small diamonds, was offered at $200,000.00 and sold without delay. The quality was excellent, clear with no inclusions that we could see without a loop. People often perceive heated stones as lesser quality but that is not true. The gemologist at Neiman Marcus tells us that heating a stone to achieve the desired color does not diminish its value…they further advised that princess Diana’s sapphire engagement ring was indeed heated.

Whether you have ring(s), bracelets, earrings, or any type of fine jewelry to resale, reach out to an expert to help you. Getting your item in front of the right audience is key. With the values of gold, emeralds, sapphires, and rubies at all time highs, now is a perfect time to sell.