Decorative Items

Art glass, mantle clocks, sculptures, candelabras, mirrors, urns, art, books, music boxes, vases.

Many remember grandma’s antique clock that sat on her mantle above the fireplace in the living room. It was never moved over all the years. It may have even been gilded with gold.  She may have had a tall wooden cuckoo clock in the corner of the same room and maybe a piano in the next room as well.  

Whether you have art glass, sculptures, urns, books, gilded mirrors, Chinese jars, mantle clocks or anything where you are unsure of it’s origin or value, you might have an item of high value. 

Antique mantel clocks from the 19th century can easily be valued in the $5000 to $20,000 range, Chinese urns can fetch $7,000 and up depending on there features, and Georgian style mirrors can easily be worth over $20,000 depending on condition, style, and size.    

All antiques and vintage decorative items should be scrutinized by a professional if the items is going to be considered for sale,  donation, trade, or trash. It is often the most non-assuming items that can carry high value.  You don’t want to toss out grandma’s knitting chair because its old, in need of upholstery, and doesn’t match your contemporary home.  It could be a 19th Century Louis XVI Style Giltwood Chair worth upwards of $20,000.00   

If you are thinking of having an estate sale, have a few items from inheritance, or ready to let go of your life long snuff box collection, talk to the right people to insure you get the current market value for your treasures. 

If an appraiser casually offers to buy your item, that may be a huge red flag. Make sure you are dealing with reputable appraisers, art dealers, and auctioneers, before handing over your items. A company’s longevity and references speaks volumes.  

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