Celebrity Art

celebrity art

Collectibles SHARE Celebrity art has become a growing interest among collectors and fans alike. While it is true that celebrities have been turning to art as a creative outlet for years, there has recently been an uptick in demand for these unique pieces. In this blog, we will explore which celebrity artworks are the most […]

Celebrity Owned

Celebrity memorabilia

Memorabilia SHARE The value of celebrity owned items has long been a topic of interest for many people. From clothing to jewelry, and even cars and homes, a piece of memorabilia that once belonged to a celebrity can hold significant value. There are several reasons why people are drawn to buying and collecting items owned […]

Presidential Memorabilia

Presidential Memorabilia

Memorabilia SHARE Presidential memorabilia has been a popular collector’s item for years, with everything from campaign buttons to personal belongings fetching high prices at auction. These items offer collectors a chance to own a piece of history and connect with their favorite politicians on a personal level. One of the most sought-after collectibles is the […]

Drake purchases Tupac’s “crown ring” at auction for 1 million dollars.

Drake crown ring

Auction SHARE In 2018, rapper Drake made headlines when he purchased Tupac’s iconic crown ring at an auction for nearly $600,000. The diamond-encrusted ring, which was worn by Tupac in various photographs and music videos, has become a symbol of the rapper’s legacy and influence in the hip-hop community. Many fans of Tupac were disappointed […]

What types of sports memorabilia is most valuable?

sports memorabilia

Collectibles SHARE Sports memorabilia can hold sentimental value for fans, but some pieces also hold significant financial value. When it comes to the most valuable sports memorabilia, there are some clear frontrunners. One of the most valuable types of sports memorabilia is autographed items, particularly those signed by iconic athletes like Babe Ruth, Michael Jordan, […]

Hollywood Memorabilia Auction

Hollywood memorabilia

Hollywood Memorabilia Auction Event Prepare to be transported to the golden age of Hollywood as you immerse yourself in the glitz and glamour of Tinseltown. Our highly anticipated Hollywood Auction is the epitome of sophistication and elegance, promising a night to remember that will leave you breathless with excitement and wonder. Take a step back […]

Do you have a vintage iphone?

Apple iphone auction results

Did you happen to save your first Apple iphone? If so, it could be worth enough for a down payment on a house. The first-generation Apple iPhone just sold at at auction for $190,000 A 2007 Apple iPhone has been sold at auction for $190,372.80 – 300 times its original sale price. The 4GB model , originally […]

Auctions becoming more and more popular

Hermes bag

2021 Trends Millenials are getting into the game. Share on facebook Share on twitter Although 2021 was about as abnormal as 2020, the auction industry experienced a pretty good year.  Younger users are shopping via auction and the popularity of second-hand items has become perfectly acceptable, right up there with vintage designer items.  Younger shoppers […]

Lillian Bassman Photography


Lillian Bassman Photography Lillian Bassman was most famous for her black and white photography, geometric placement and camera angles as well as her paintings.  She worked for Harpers Bazaar for almost 20 years where she created the most fashion forward magazine covers of the time. People may not know her name, but her magazine covers […]

Sports and Hollywood Memorabilia Auction


Sports & Hollywood Memorabilia Al Capone, John Lennon, Frank Sinatra, Derek Jeter, Micky Mantle, Yogi Berra, Muhammad Ali, Michael Jackson, and more.  These are just a few of the exciting personalities represented in the Sports and Hollywood memorabilia auction on Sun, Oct 11, 2020 at 10:00 AM Pacific Time. The auction will include hundreds of […]