Asian Art & Screens

Kings Auction Inc., manages the sale, (public or private) and auction of all types of Asian Art.  Whether it be sculptures and carvings, paintings, screens, ceramics, furniture, wall decorations, rugs, or other objects, we have collectors, investors, and individuals always interested in opportunities.  

Artists that we have a history with include, but are certainly not limited to, Yamaguchi Sekkei, Yoshizawa Setsuan, Masayoshi Kasugai, Robert Kuo, Zao Wou-Ki, Takashi Murakami, Zeng Fanzhi, Ay Tjoe Christine, Dina Chhan, Zhang Daquian, Chang Dai-chien, and Hendra Gunawan.

Some of the most exciting sales are lacquered Chinese screens. The screens provides a large ‘billboard’ for the artist to create and all types of materials were used to enhance the beauty such as jade, malachite, copper, and gold. One of the most sought after techniques include a special eggshell inlay. Eggshell inlay requires the highest level of skill, and could not be crafted by many artisans. The eggshell is delicately crushed into tiny pieces and placed by hand to create a one of a kind designs. A few key artists even maintained their our own chicken coop to provide the eggshells required for their delicate work. Up to 2500 hours could go into making these screens that are not only stunning but functional.  Unfortunately, because of the intense labor of traditional eggshell and lacquer finishes, the technique all but disappeared in the 1940’s which is why Asian screens and other art with this technique has become so valuable. Currently screens with this eggshell inlay can be valued upwards of about $250,000.00.  

Estimated alue $290,000.00
Estimated Value $280,000.00
Estimated Value $100,000.00
Estimated Value $42,000.00