maarten vrolijk

Everyone has their own style and taste, and yes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but I think you’d be hard pressed to ever find anyone who was not impressed with the beauty found in the glass work of these stunning one-of-a-kind pieces by  Netherlands artist Maarten Vrolijk


Maarten Vrolijk is an Amsterdam-based artist who has been creating art for over 25 years.

Maarten hopes that his pieces would make people’s everyday lives more beautiful and it seems he succeeds as his pieces are highly desirable and run about $8000 whether you are in Europe or the USA.  It is not easy to purchase these works of art in the USA unless there happens to be an exhibit in your area.  Recent shows were at Bergdorf Goodman in New York and at  Paul Smith Ltd in Los Angeles.  Other than these shows, it is difficult to find access other than through art dealers and auctions and those in the loop.  

Many of Maartens works can be found in several international museums including the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, the Museum of Modern Art in New York and the Groninger Museum.

Along with his stunning glass creations Maarten Vrolijk also creates drawings, ceramics, paintings and textiles. 

If you own any Maarten Vrolijk pieces, regardless where in the world you are located, we have buyers for you right now. If you are interested in offering one item or an entire collection we can present your items via auction or public or private sale depending on your situation. 

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