Drake purchases Tupac’s “crown ring” at auction for 1 million dollars.


In 2018, rapper Drake made headlines when he purchased Tupac’s iconic crown ring at an auction for nearly $600,000. The diamond-encrusted ring, which was worn by Tupac in various photographs and music videos, has become a symbol of the rapper’s legacy and influence in the hip-hop community.

Many fans of Tupac were disappointed and even outraged by Drake’s purchase of the ring. Some felt that it was an inappropriate way for him to try to associate himself with Tupac’s legacy, while others believed that the ring should have been purchased and preserved by a museum or other cultural institution.

Despite the controversy surrounding the sale, Drake has stated that he bought the ring purely out of admiration for Tupac and his impact on the world of hip-hop. In an interview with Rolling Stone, he explained that he saw the ring as a symbol of Tupac’s artistic genius and the impact that he had on the genre.

While it is unclear what Drake plans to do with the ring, it is likely that it will remain a treasured part of his personal collection. He has spoken publicly about his love for Tupac and his influence on his own music, and it is clear that he values the legacy that Tupac left behind.

Regardless of how fans feel about the sale, there is no denying that Tupac’s crown ring is a hugely significant piece of hip-hop history. It represents a time and place in the genre’s evolution that will never be forgotten, and it serves as a tangible reminder of the impact that Tupac had on the world.

Overall, Drake’s purchase of Tupac’s crown ring raises interesting questions about the role of artifacts and memorabilia in preserving and celebrating the legacies of cultural icons. While some may feel that it is inappropriate for private individuals to own such significant pieces of history, others see the act of ownership as a way to keep these legacies alive and in the public eye. Ultimately, the importance of Tupac’s music and his impact on hip-hop culture cannot be overstated, and his iconic crown ring will continue to be a potent symbol of that legacy for years to come.