A message to current and potential clients regarding the Covid-19 matter around the USA and the globe.

The safety of our staff and clients is our paramount consideration. We follow all the guidelines of CDC and have our own on-site and off-site policies as well. We encourage everyone to take maximum safeguards at all times. 

Unlike many other business that were mandated to close due to close consumer contact, our model has not be as drastically affected as much of our work is online and by telephone. 

It is often during times of national and global stress that our services are even more in need so we are open for business and all services. In fact we have widened our scope of service to help clients with consignments and auctions that we normally would not have likely served. As our primary areas of expertise are typically fine art, fine jewelry, and fine collectibles, we have relaxed our criteria to help those who may need immediate resale services. It is also times like this that can create rare opportunities for buyers so now is a good time for both buyers and seller. 

Our auction and consignment services are most appropriate during Covid-19 as there is little human to human contact and we are working to keep it that way.  We can pick up your items, or arrange pick up, never putting our clients or staff in jeopardy what-so-ever. 

You may start by getting a complimentary estimate of your items via the portal below.

Thank you to everyone for your consideration of others during this difficult time and our deepest sympathies for those who are struggling with the loss of loved ones.             

Complimentary Auction Estimates​

Current and potential clients may request an electronic evaluation of their items however contacting any of Kings Auctions Inc’s locations will yield immediate service.

Specialists are eager to advise about the process and potential values. 

To receive an estimate electronically, please provide:

  • 2-3 photos
  • Description
  • Condition